The Aroma of Christmas

The Aroma of Christmas

Christmas is a time that stimulates many senses.  The taste of mince pies!  The smell of the real pine Christmas tree!  Here at Mil all natural we just love the smell of orange, clove and cinnamon blended together and combined with golden beeswax to make the aroma of Christmas.  Each of these essential oils have their own therapeutic benefits which help get us over the festive season:


This spice was used in Europe since about the 9th century as an ingredient of mulled wine.  It has a tonic effect on the whole body and is a very strong antiseptic.  It is said to calm spasm of the digestive tract and stimulates secretion of gastric juices.  It’s aroma is reputed to be excellent for exhausted states and feelings of weakness and depression.


Clove was valued for it’s medicinal properties by the Greeks, Romans and the Chinese, who were known to chew cloves to ease toothache and sweeten the breath.  A vital ingredient in mulled wines and liqueurs.  It is an excellent bacteriacide and is valuable in disinfecting the atmosphere during infectious illness.  It has a positive and stimulating effect on the mind, strengthens memory and lifts depression.  It’s uplifting qualities are helpful when feeling weak and lethargic.


This is a zesty and refreshing citrus fragrance and the oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit.  It seems to have a very calming action on the stomach, and aids absorption of vitamin C.  The aroma spreads a little sunshine on gloomy thoughts and dispels tension and stress encouraging a positive outlook.  It is a reviving oil when lacking in energy.