Spéirbhean Face Serum – Natures finest skin care

Spéirbhean Face Serum – Natures finest skin care
Spéirbhean Face Serum is gentle, fragrance free and 100% natural skin care.  This is an effective and, like all our products, is blended from the best natural ingredients.  Mil Spéirbhean’s Face Serum has active ingredients including  Rosehip Oil which contains high levels of all-trans retonic acid (tretinoin) a derivative of vitamin A.
Tretinoin is really useful ingredient, it is widely researched and is used in the treatment of acne and also for its anti-ageing properties.   Our skin benefits greatly from essential fatty acids so Rosehip also ticks this box as in contains high levels of them (omega 3 and 6) which are responsible for providing deep hydration.  Rosehip also has high levels of vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant.
Rosehip oil is an ultra fine oil that absorbs easily and it’s unique properties fight aging and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and pigmentation.  It also restores the skins natural moisture balance.


Another of the active ingredients in our Mil Spéirbhean Face Serum is natural Jojoba Oil.  Jojoba is one of the finest of nature’s skincare products.  What makes it so great is that the properties of this liquid wax are almost identical to your skin’s own natural oil, or sebum.  Being totally miscible with your skin’s oil it is very easily absorbed and non-greasy acting as a dry emollient.   Jojoba also has anti-aging properties and in dermatological tests done, using jojoba oil, by Christensen and Packman, it was shown that jojoba oil increases the skin’s suppleness by 45% and after 8 hours the effect was still present.It was also found that jojoba oil softens and smooths the skin with fine line reduction. In one test 20 women’s skin compliance increased with 37% after 30 minutes and remained for a hour.Continued use of jojoba oil results in reducing superficial facial lines.


So, not only does jojoba oil have amazing emollient and lubricating properties, but also include a range of therapeutic qualities as well.

Mil Spéirbhean Face Serum carefully combines these two oils with vitamin E and  Rosemary leaf Extract to make an deep nourishing  night time treatment for your face and indeed body.  A true Bio-serum Spéirbhean Face Serum that works for you, for firmer, more supple and younger looking skin.


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