Pregnancy and stretchmarks

Pregnancy and stretchmarks
Let us start with something that is  important to us at Mil Balms, honesty.  There is no 100% proof way for everyone to avoid stretchmarks in a normal pregnancy.  Everyone’s skin is different and  some skin is more elastic than others.  Mothers with stretchy skin can get away with it while others are going to  have some stretchmarks no matter what they do.
There are things you can do though to minimise stretch marks.
1.  Drink plenty of fresh water:  Your skin, like the rest of you, is made mostly of water.  Moisturising does not just come from a can or jar but also comes from within.  A well hydrated person will have more supple skin.  So drink around 2 litres of water everyday.

2.  Eat good food:  Good food means lots of fruit, greens and nuts.  A daily fruit smoothie is a great way to make a tasty refreshing drink that is packed with goodness.  Use fruits high in oils such as avocado and plenty of colours, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.
Make a green salad with a light oil dressing, (we like organic extra virgin olive oil).  You can occasionally dress the salad with some tasty nuts, which are packed with oils.  The vitamins, minerals and oils in fresh fruit and salads will be great for your skin and for baby!.

3.  Get plenty of rest:  Sleep is on of natures greatest gifts.  A well rested body is a healthier body and this means healthier skin.

4:  Treat your skin with natural products:  Massage your skin with a simple natural moisturiser as you owe it to your skin and to your baby.  Your skin can absorb a huge amount and much will be absorbed into the blood stream and be passed on to your baby.  So make sure you avoid unnatural products. We recommend products like Unrefined Shea Butter.  It has long been used in preventing stretchmarks and it is very soothing on the skin.  It has a faint smell of chocolate which quickly dissipates when on you skin.

We at Mil Balms also recommend Organic Jojoba Oil, which is the closest natural product to your own skin oil, so is really easily absorbed.
Natural Organic Sunflower Oil is also very easily absorbed and is packed with vitamins A, D and E, which are great for your skin.

Apply oils and butters lightly until you understand how much your skin needs as we are all different.  Apply your moisturiser at least once per day and more if you feel you need it.

In the end, a common sense, holistic approach is the best way forward. Keep it simple and natural. By doing this you will be doing the best for you, your bump and, most important of all, for baby.

If you follow this guide, you may not totally avoid stretchmarks, but you certainly will have  done your best to minimised them.

From bee to you
The Mil Team

P.S –  Mil Balm ‘Spéirbhean’ Body and Hand Balm blends Unrefined Shea with Jojoba.  Pure simple 100% natural (No matter how natural and kind any product is, make sure you read the label,  you and your baby are too important)


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