Lovely Lavender – why is it so beneficial in skincare and well-being?

Lovely Lavender – why is it so beneficial in skincare and well-being?

Lavender is one of natures remarkable gifts to us.  It has many properties, from its ability to aid relaxation, calm nervous tension, disinfect scalp and skin and enhance blood circulation.  Lavender essential  oil is a powerful ally in any family medicine cupboard.  It is one of the few essential oils that can be used neat (but only  in small  quantities).  Lavender has been traditionally used in soothing minor burns and grazes.   If used in an essential oil burner or, if a few drops are placed on a cloth, it will disperse into the air and aid deep, restful sleep.

Lavender has long been used in health and skincare.  It works well as a treatment for acne, eczema and dry skin. Its effectiveness in skincare as a moisturiser is the reason why Mil Balms use it in some of our best loved products, such as our Spéirbhean Lavender, Chamomile and Geranium Body Balm and our Béalghra Lavender and Chamomile Lip Balm.   We find lavender blends beautifully with chamomile and geranium. Together the synergistic effect of these essential oils along with golden beeswax, organic shea butter and jojoba mean that this member of our  Spéirbhean Beauty Range has so many uses.  It is wonderful as an all over moisturiser and also soothes and cools, which makes it particularly effective after hair removal.
Another use for our Spéirbhean Lavender, Chamomile and Geranium Body Balm is as a  very effective after-sun balm.  Lavender is famous for its ability in cooling skin and along with the other natural ingredients your skin will be bathed in a deep moisturising balm and will not dry out.

Lavender is a great addition as a plant in your garden.  Put a few plants in a sunny corner and let the aroma from the flowers and leaves create a relaxing corner for all the family to enjoy during long Summer evenings.  The rich purple lavender flowers are a favourite with pollinating insects, such as honey bees, so you will also be doing your bit for them as well. Remember, you can also crush some of the fresh leaves and place them in a room. They will fill the room with a relaxing, fresh and fragrant aroma, just like burning the essential oil

We at Mil Balms think lavender is one of natures great gifts, the name comes from the ancient Latin, which means ‘to wash’.  Next time you have a bath put in several drops of lavender essential oil in to the water, enjoy the relaxation it brings and then feel how clean your skin feels!

A relaxer, burn soother, skincarer, moisturiser, disinfectant, circulation enhancer with a wonderful aroma, we think lavender is one of natures great gifts.

From bee to you

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