Dry and Cracked Hands – You don’t have to suffer

Dry and Cracked Hands – You don’t have to suffer

Dry and cracked hands affect many people.  When the skin on your hands becomes dry and cracked, any simple job can become awkward and painful. Also people with dry, cracked and hacked hands often feel that their hands are unattractive further adding to their discomfort.

What causes it?

The simple way of explaining what causes dry and cracked hands is a lack in the protective layer of oil and water that should occur naturally in the skin.  This natural skin oil is what keeps your skin supple and flexible, so when it goes so does the flexibility resulting in dry and cracked skin.
Changes in climate has the tendency to draw moisture out of your hands and cause cracking. Whether you live in  a hot, dry or moist climate changing of seasons seems to have a negative impact in skin moisture and flexibility.   People who are involved in jobs that see them in and out of water or moving inside and outside, such as farmers, nurses and teachers also are very prone to dry hands.   Others are impacted by skin conditions such as Eczema  which can occur on different parts of the body, including hands. Symptoms include red patches of skin, flaking or cracking.

Protection, treatment and maintenance.

Maintaining moisture levels in your hands is the best way to prevent your skin from cracking. Wearing water proof gloves  when your hands are in and out of water can help but this is not always possible.  Applying moisturizing substances also helps, consider things such as natural butters like shea and cocoa,  soft beeswax  or  natural vegetable oils. We do not recommend products such as petroleum jelly as it may  further dry your skin in the long term.  There are many good natural products on the market,  one we recommend is our own Mil Hard Working Hand Balm.  This balm contains golden unbleached beeswax, unrefined shea butter,  jojoba oil, ( which is very close in makeup to human skin sebum, so is easily absorbed), soothing lavender oil and healing benzoin tree resin.  It is great aroma that appeals to men and women and to put it simply,  it really works!.

Other factors to consider

Having cracked hands can result in an infection if the fissures in the skin open enough to allow bacteria inside. If you notice cracks forming on your hands, visit your doctor for treatment suggestions before the condition gets worse.

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