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At Mil Íocshláinte All Natural Balms we are very interested in learning from your experiences…let us know what you think of our products.  We are also always interested in your opinions on any new products your think we could  provide.
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Paula Sloan

"Great products. I love your lip balms and your Lavender, Camomile and Geranium Body Balm. I have dry skin and your balms leave my skin soft and moist. Best beauty products out."
Posted on Wed 10th Oct 2012 at 11:50

Doreen Wilson

"I came across your website as I was interested in natural baby skincare for my daughter. I bought your baby balm and baby oil online. I am really pleased with both these natural products. It is so assuring to know that I am using natural baby skincare. By the way, the baby balm smells divine and has really worked in preventing nappy rash. Many thanks"
Posted on Thu 30th Aug 2012 at 11:32

Joanne Bargewell

"I just wanted to thank you. I have been doing a lot of coasteering lately and my skin has been getting very dry from all the salt water. I have been using your lip balm before I get into the water as well as afterward and it really helps to keep my lips in good condition. I have also been using your spéirbhean range to moisturize afterward and they have done a brilliant job. One happy customer! :-)"
Posted on Mon 6th Aug 2012 at 16:49

Noel Brick

"Just wanted to pass on bit of thanks and feedback on Mil Luthchleasai Anti-Chafe Sports Balm. I do a lot of long distance running (completed the Sahara Desert marathon in April) and I’ve been using the balm for a few months on my feet now. It’s a brilliant product! I use it to protect problem areas that tend to get irritated or blister. Yesterday sealed the deal from me. I ran a 52 mile ultra marathon in the Mournes. I was wearing new runners and was worried about blistering over such a long distance. I put the balm on heels and toes – usual problem areas for me – and carried the balm in my backpack just in case. The result; 10 hours later and not a single blister or hotspot. Unlike products like vaseline, it doesn’t leave a big sticky mess on your feet/socks, something that is horrible and I hate. The Mil sports balm just does the job and you don’t even notice it’s there. Well done on making such a unique product that works so well!"
Posted on Mon 11th Jun 2012 at 08:23

Sinead Hughes

"I am really delighted with your Mil Balms. I have long been using Burts Bees but was given a can of your simple natural lip balm as a gift. It is brilliant. It is great to see an Irish company doing natural balms like this. "
Posted on Fri 1st Jun 2012 at 00:20

Beth Muldrew

"Your Mil Balm, simple natural hand and body balm is fantastic. It is so nice to purchase a natural product that is kind and gentle on my skin. "
Posted on Wed 9th May 2012 at 08:54

Brídín Ní Dhonnghaile

"The Spéirbhean Sensitive Face Serum and Hand and Body Balm are lovely and feel really nice on my skin. As they have no smell, they do not affect the smell of any perfume I’m wearing. They’re great!" Tá Spéirbhean Sensitive Face Serum agus Hand and Body Balm galánta agus mothaíonn siad deas ar mo chraiceann. Ar an ábhar nach bhfuil aon bholadh leo, ní chuireann siad isteach ar aon chumhrán eile atá á chaitheamh agam. Go hiontach!
Posted on Sat 28th Apr 2012 at 17:16

Joe Brogan

"I found the natural product with the lilac lid brought rapid relief to the mad itch of my varicose eczema. Beautiful professional presentation. Good luck."
Posted on Tue 24th Apr 2012 at 07:39

Caroline Robinson

"A friend gave me your simply natural lip balm as a gift. It is the first lip balm I have every used that does not irritate my sensitive skin. " You have a new customer for life.
Posted on Mon 23rd Apr 2012 at 15:29

Jane Creith, Oasis Beauty, Ballymena

"As an experienced beauty practitioner and manager at Oasis Beauticians, Camerons, in Ballymena , I have been using Mil products in my salon for a two years now and I am totally delighted with them. They appeal to me because they are natural products, made locally and I must say the balms are really effective in my treatments. They are rich, soothing to the client’s skin, with gorgeous natural aromas that fill my treatment room. Working with them is a real pleasure. I also use Mil’s oil blends for massage treatments. They are wonderful and so handy because they are already blended to the correct dilution, and have an atomiser which means ease of application and storage. They also smell divine. I have a range of Mil’s Lip Balms and other products for sale in my salon. They are very popular as customers often want to use them at home or buy them as gifts”. "
Posted on Fri 20th Apr 2012 at 15:59

Margaret Archer

"I have been using you foot balm for about a year now. It is the best thing I have ever used for dry skin on my feet. "
Posted on Thu 19th Apr 2012 at 13:08

Catherine Uí Sheanáin

"I’ve been using your products for a couple of years now and absolutely love them. The Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub and the fatigue fighter are my favourites. The fatigue fighter is so versatile with a wonderful aroma that instantly leaves me feeling relaxed. It is my daughters favourite for rubbing on when she has a sore tummy. My 2year old son loves joining the routine of massage and I can use it for relaxation time with them both knowing it is free of chemicals, makes great family time. Looking forward to more new products in the future. Thanks Catherine"
Posted on Sat 7th Jan 2012 at 23:18

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