The Power of Beeswax


So why use Beeswax? It has many powerful properties:

(1) It forms a natural barrier on the skin- great for protecting lips when combined with moisturizing oils. So for people who are outdoors-be it on the ski slopes, cycling, running or walking, this is an essential natural ingredient to look for in lip balms!

(2) It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial-great for the feet when combined with other essential oils with the same properties, and can be helpful in treating foot infections or even allowing sore and cracked feet to heel.

(3) It is non-toxic and is a safe product to use on baby’s skin as an emollient and will allow the skin to breathe, yet be protected against dehydration and nappy rash.

(4) Beeswax has been popular and used for centuries, and has even been found as an ancient form of dental filling.

We love the science here at Mil, so this study made us appreciate our beeswax even more! In a scientific study at the Dubai Specialized Medical Center, a mixture of honey, olive oil and beeswax was investigated in the treatment of dermatitis or psoriasis, and was found to be useful in the management of these conditions.

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