Skincare without Chemicals

Skincare without Chemicals


We live in a world where we assume that because food and beauty products are on reputable retail outlet’s shelves they must be safe for us to use.  It is important that we forget the marketing machines, and pick up our food and beauty products and read the list of contents.  Sometimes it is only when we are faced with a health problem in our lives that we start to question the ingredients we put onto our skin and into our body.  As far as possible we should avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners and high fat, salt and sugar diets.  When choosing skincare products we should avoid artificial colours, parabens and preservatives.  Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and absorbs large amounts of unrecognizable ingredients over a lifetime.

Mil’s Simple Body and Hand Balm has been used by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment with the drug Caelyx (Doxorubicin).  One of the side effects of Caelyx is that it can leave patients with soreness and redness of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. This is sometimes known as palmar-plantar, or hand and foot syndrome. It can happen after two or three cycles of treatment with Caelyx.  It’s usually temporary and improves when the treatment is finished.  It is so important to keep the hands and feet well moisturized while on Caelyx to prevent the skin from become broken as it can be for some patients paper thin and red as a result of the Caelyx.  Mil’s Sensitive Hand and Body Balm is designed for people with sensitive skin and also for people on regimes such as Caelyx to provide an all natural skincare regime.  It contains only organic unrefined shea butter , organic jojoba oil (similar to skin sebum), golden beeswax and Vitamin E.

So before you buy the next item of food or next beauty product, don’t be afraid to pick up the box or packet and familarise yourself with what is in there and how it could negatively affect your body.  Like all good things in life, sometimes it is better to keep it simple!

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