About Us

Mil all natural

Mil all natural is a family owned Irish business based in the beautiful Glens of Antrim since 2010. Our mission is to deliver skincare and well-being products that are 100% natural and made from the finest and most luxurious ingredients. They have no petrochemicals, parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, artificial preservatives or fragrances. They are not tested on animals and each one is hand-crafted in Ireland.


Mil is Gaelic for honey and honey is one of nature’s greatest gifts. As well as producing honey, bees also produce wonderful golden beeswax, something we use in many of our hand-crafted products. Bees are essential in the pollination of many plants which give us the oils and butters we use in our products. It is for this reason that, as an Irish company, Mil all natural became our name.

Our Products

We have studied traditional skincare methods from throughout the world and combined these to bring you a range of natural, luxurious products that are steeped in ancient tradition. Many of our products are based on pure golden beeswax, the finest vegetable carrier oils, organic unrefined shea and cocoa butters and essential oils.

Our Therapies

Mil offers Aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Sports Massage and Reflexology, using Mil all natural products and with your therapist, Sinéad , who has over 18 years experience and is a fully qualified therapist and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Mil therapies aim to relieve muscle tension, alleviate stress, restore energy and improve your overall health and well-being. Every initial treatment starts with taking a case history to gain relevant information on your health, so the chosen treatment can be tailored to your needs.

Our Beliefs

Natural Skincare – with minimal additives and using no synthetic chemicals.
Holistic Healthcare – improving health and well-being through nature and the use of complementary therapies.
Sustainability and Protecting the Environment – Our environment is important to us. We re-invest in honey bees by planting “bee friendly” plants to help sustain the animals that help make Mil a success.