A guide to using Mil Balms, oil blends, balms and serums.

A guide to using Mil Balms, oil blends, balms and serums.

Lotions, ointments, creams, oils, serums and balms, what is the difference between them?.  There are certainly a lot of different products on the market and this can be very confusing for anyone navigating their way through the world of skincare and well-being products.

In this article we asked Sinéad, the creator of Mil Balm’s product range, for her insight into the differences between balms and other products.  We also asked Sinéad on her own recommendations with regards the use and application of Mil Balms.

“Balms are defined as an ointment that can be used to soothe, nourish or treat skin conditions.  Mil Balms are made with natural vegetable oils, essential oils, waxes, resins and butters.  Most true balms, such as our own Mil Balms, do not contain water while lotions and creams usually do.  The high water content of creams and lotions mean it is essential to add preservatives to control bacterial growth and emulsifiers to encourage oils and water, which are usually polar opposites, to mix.  While lotions and creams are very common many of them may have unnatural and in some cases, questionable ingredients.

We at Mil Balms stay clear of ingredients that are artificial, for us natural is best.  Indeed, Mil Balms, Serums and Blends are inspired by traditional and indigenous knowledge from throughout the world with our products using ingredients that have been long used by different peoples and cultures over thousands of years.”

Using Mil Balms and Serums – get to know your skin!

“As previously stated Mil’s all natural balms and serums are crafted using a range of natural butters, oils, essential oils, resins and waxes. These products do not contain water and thus are wonderfully concentrated skincare products.  Unlike many water based lotions if you put on more Mil Balm than your skin needs it will not evaporate away leaving your skin feeling greasy.  However, if you use a small amount and allow your skin to absorb it, your skin will feel nourished, full, soft and supple. If you think your skin needs need a little more after the first light application then by all means add it.  The important thing is that Mil Balms and Serums will not evaporate away so you will always know if you applied too much or too little.

By taking time and applying a small amount at the start and then adjusting your application you will actually get to know your own skin better and understand the correct amount of nourishment it really needs.

Proper use of Mil Balms will allow you to take control of your skincare like never before. From  our Spéirbhean Beauty Range through to our Lámh an Uachtar, Working hand Balm our products will, if used in the correct way, nourish and nurture your skin using simple natural ingredients that have been tried and tested over the ages.

Sinéad,  Mil Balms

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